Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue Dart Express LTD in Ambur / Vellore

Blue Dart Express Ltd
1/19, Katapadi Road
Vellore - 632004

Pho # 0416 - 2224905/2224915/09894350106


  1. I will call received in this Phone Number: 0416-2224905, Vellore Blue Dart Express Ltd.

  2. I m Karthic from arni i track my order there...

    TrackDart ™ - Tracking Details

    Status updates on your shipments are provided below. For feedback on your shipments, select airway bills and click on the Contact Us button at the end of the page. For delivery details of shipments not delivered, select undelivered shipments, enter your Email ID, select "Intimate Me" and Send. To forward the details enter your Email ID, the recipient's Email ID and Send.

    Waybill No : 59351037782 Reference No : S75645471
    Pickup Date 17 January 2015
    From Bangalore
    To Arni
    Status Consignee'S Address Incomplete/Landmark
    Expected Date of Delivery 21 January 2015

    Status and Scans
    Location Details Date Time *
    Waybill No : 59351037782
    Vellore Consignee'S Address Incomplete/Landmark Needed 20-Jan-2015 18:00
    Vellore Shipment Out For Delivery 20-Jan-2015 17:48
    Vellore On Hold 19-Jan-2015 17:25
    Vellore Shipment Arrived 19-Jan-2015 08:51
    Chennai Airport Hub Shipment Further Connected 19-Jan-2015 05:38
    Chennai Airport Hub Shipment Arrived 18-Jan-2015 09:33
    Bial Hub Shipment Further Connected 18-Jan-2015 07:34
    Bial Hub Shipment Arrived At Hub 18-Jan-2015 01:13
    Etail Processing Unit Shipment Further Connected 17-Jan-2015 20:12
    Etail Processing Unit Shipment Arrived 17-Jan-2015 14:20
    Etail Processing Unit Shipment Picked Up 17-Jan-2015 11:30
    * - 24 Hr Format

    If address no clear means u make cal to specified number till now there is no response from u r end...

    I try to contact via mentioned mobile number and landline number
    mobile is in switched off from past two days
    and land line is always busy and another one was out of service ...
    then wat can i do sir.....

    waiting for u r reply sir...


  3. Landmark- Vellore cmc hospital, I left Tamilnadu on 6thmarch to West Bengal, Delivered my product soon, 9836888121

    Date27 February 2015
    FromNew Delhi
    StatusConsignee'S Address Incomplete/Landmark
    Expected Date of Delivery03 March 2015

    Status and Scans
    LocationDetailsDateTime *
    Waybill No : 59307400283
    VelloreConsignee'S Address Incomplete/Landmark Needed03-Mar-201518:00
    VelloreShipment Out For Delivery 03-Mar-201509:43
    VelloreNecessary Charges Pending From Consignee 02-Mar-201516:26
    VelloreShipment Out For Delivery 02-Mar-201511:06
    VelloreShipment Arrived 02-Mar-201508:45
    Chennai Airport HubShipment Further Connected 02-Mar-201506:02
    Chennai Airport HubShipment Arrived At Hub 28-Feb-201511:59
    Delhi HubShipment Further Connected 28-Feb-201505:35
    Delhi HubCanvas Bag Slah Tally 28-Feb-201502:43
    Cod Processing Centre IShipment Further Connected 28-Feb-201500:51
    Cod Processing Centre IShipment Arrived 27-Feb-201521:05
    Paschim ViharShipment Further Connected 27-Feb-201518:48
    Paschim ViharShipment Arrived 27-Feb-201518:00
    Paschim ViharShipment Picked Up 27-Feb-201517:42


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  5. Waybill number : 50438068951
    I have ordered from amazon and it came for a deliver but the status is incorrect address and its returning to the seller.i want to know whether the item is still in vellore or not.can i get my item

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