Friday, July 22, 2011

Blue Dart Express LTD in Angamally

Swift Enterprises c/o Blue Dart Express Ltd
Paul Arcade, N H Junction
Angamally - 683572

Pho #  0484 - 2457456/ 9995476448 / 9995330400


  1. Poor service. They say, they will deliver it to the address and then they will make you go and collect it from their facility, always. Not even once have they delivered it to the address. They say they attempted delivery but no one ever even tries to attempt delivery. I know this for a fact because, I have once ordered it to my office and there is always someone to collect it at the office and no one from my office have seen them. When I asked the people at office, they said, "If your courier is Bluedart, then they wont deliver it here. They will ask you to come and collect it". If this is the kind of service they provide, I wonder why they haven't closed up already.